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Get the FLA


How this works:

My ISP (Alentus.com) provide an ASP mailer object for the domains they host. You can't send an email from flash without having some sort of intermediary like this. The Flash application uses a getURL command which connects to a short ASP script I have placed in my own scripts directory. This script invokes my webserver's mailer object which actually sends the mail. You would need to find out from your own ISP if they provide any such function - if they do, you need to find out how to interface with it.

Alentus provided me with a sample form based ASP script that does a simple mail operation. I modified this script to create the script (PigMailSend.asp) that the Flash Application communicates with. The FLA is probably the simplest part of the whole chain.

The ASP script (PigMailSend.asp) is as follows:



<!-- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Page.......: ASP Mail Test Form

Domain.....: cleverpig.com

URL........: http://www.cleverpig.com/scripts/testMailForm.asp

Copyright 2000, PacificNetware.com Inc.

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<TITLE>Welcome to www.cleverpig.com</TITLE>

<META name='keywords' content='cleverpig.com,www.cleverpig.com'>


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<FONT size=4>Welcome to www.cleverpig.com</FONT>

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<!-- Page Title -->

ASP Mail Send Page.


<IMG src='/images/ASPMailLogo.gif' align=center border=0>


<!-- ASP Mail Send Page -->

Mail To: <% = Request.QueryString("addressto") %><br>



Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")

Mailer.RemoteHost = "smtp.alentus.com"

Mailer.FromName = "AutoMailer@Cleverpig"

Mailer.FromAddress = "AutoMailer@cleverpig.com"

Mailer.AddRecipient Request.QueryString("addressto"), Request.QueryString("addressto")

Mailer.Subject = "Auto Mail from Flash Application!"

Mailer.BodyText = Request.QueryString("txtmsg")

if not Mailer.SendMail then

Response.Write " Mailing Failed... Error is: <br>"

Response.Write Mailer.Response


Response.Write " sent successfully...<p>"

end if




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