... this is how I relax.

I use my computer, my Yamaha keyboard, a couple of guitars (Fender Telecaster and PRS Santana SE for those of you that care).

Here is an example:

Sylvia (originally by Focus ...this shows how old I am!)
...drums are from loops, bass is a programmed midi track played through a software instrument, organ and piano are played on my keyboard, and the guitars are all the Telecaster played direct into the computer via my Pod XT.

I use Sony Acid Pro 5 for most of the computer end of what I do, with the occasional bit of SoundForge editing. If you are interested to hear more you can find some stuff on my artists page at AcidPlanet (you can also find some remix contest entries posted there which is another thing I do for fun).

If you want to use any of the stuff thats on my originals page, you are welcome to - for non-commercial stuff. In the unlikely case that anybody thinks my stuff is worth using on a commercial project, write to me- we'll work something out.